Wellness and Consultation

PPH, Inc. welcomes opportunities to provide: 1.Health education and health literacy programs, 2. Workplace and personal wellness consultation, 3.  Clinical and public health program evaluation and implementation strategy.

Health education and Health Literacy

We can provide health education via lectures, seminars and workshops for most any audience, particularly civic associations, community-based organizations, churches and educational institutions.

Content areas may include but are not limited: Public health and health promotion-focused lectures, chronic diseases prevention, including diabetes, HIV, heart disease and obesity.

Wellness Consultation

We believe in whole person health focusing on both physical and mental well-being.  We believe achieving life balance is essential to optimal wellness and living a high quality life. We offer tailored wellness consultations and program strategies for individuals, groups and the workplace. Our wellness strategies include a focus on sleep, stress reduction, food and creative approaches to physical activity.

Public health program evaluation and consultation

PPH, Inc. is experienced in public health strategic planning, health program assessments, wellness program implementation, public health systems evaluation and implementation and clinical and epidemiological data collection, analysis and usage.

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