I can’t think of anyone better suited to simplifying and de-mystifying health information than Dr. Lisa. She is dedicated to promoting good heath for all, especially those facing the most challenges. She cares passionately about people and is a champion and advocate as well as a medical provider, researcher and educator for the community.

Dr. Lisa is down-to-earth and authentic. She communicates effectively one-on-one, to a large audience or to the camera because she speaks clearly and directly to the heart. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and in numerous settings and have always been impressed with her knowledge, insight and compassion. I was thrilled to see Dr. Lisa embark on this new venture. I know it will be a platform for her to help even more people achieve and sustain good health. Ann Prochilo, Principal, Prochilo Health, Inc, San Francisco

Dr. Fitzpatrick is one of the most refreshing voices in the medical field today.  When I first heard her speak I was blown away at her ability to explain complex issues to the lay person. Whether presenting at national conferences of speaking to little old church ladies, she commands and connect every time. We call her the District’s Top Doc. Khadijah Tribble, CEO, The Ground Game Consulting

Dr. Fitzpatrick spoke to over 100 Allied Health Care Practitioners in New York. The audience found her to be an expert on the topic. She simplifies highly scientific information so the audience can walk away with the nuts and bolts they need to help their clients make better informed decisions. She is unassuming in her approach and will get the audience involved in the discussion. She really is a creative presenter and has a relaxed delivery style that is very confident yet approachable.  It is never easy speaking to [audiences with diverse professional backgrounds] but she was very effective in reaching this crowd. Ann Janeski, Senior Community Liaison, Gilead Sciences


“Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick is one of the most effective leaders I have ever known.  She has an innate ability to draw people together and bring out their best.  In my years of leadership consulting and training I have met very few leaders equal to Lisa’s dedication to mission accomplishment and commitment to caring for people.  Her star is bright and lights the way for others to follow.  Lisa exemplifies dedicated leadership and service to the community.” Richard Scherberger, CEO Executive Leadership Skills International

Dr. Fitzpatrick is a very perceptive manager with an unusual depth and range of technical qualifications and experiences that give her the ability to see the strategic view which ensuring a program management approach that supports managers to grow in safe and supportive environment. Sue Griffey, VP and Director, Evaluation Center, Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Dr. Fitzpatrick is an outstanding epidemiologist who is especially skilled at designing and implementing epidemiological and clinical research studies. She has strong analytical skills and is an excellent scientific writer. She is an exceptional communicator with outstanding interpersonal skills. Eugene McCray, Chief, International TB, US Centers for Disease Control

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Fitzpatrick for about a year when she was a CDC consultant. She was instrumental in assisting the health department in addressing several critical issues. At that time, the local public health system (like many across the nation), had an inadequate infrastructure, and was not prepared to implement some of its functions. Working with Dr. Fitzpatrick we were able to rebuild the capacity needed to adress the immediate situation. More importantly, we were able to implement systems to strengthen the ability of the local public health system to respond to emerging threats. Working with Dr. Fitzpatrick provided me with an education and perspective has been invaluable in my career. Geoff Downie, Administrator, LaPorte County Health Department