“Every person has a solution to achieving and sustaining good health. The key is understanding how to get there.” Dr. Lisa

Welcome to Promoting Practical Health! This website is a response to inquiries from the community combined with my long-time vision to help educate the public about common health and public health issues. The site also serves as mechanisms for organizations and community to follow and contact me for information, consultation and collaboration. Please sign up to receive updates, follow me on Twitter or drop me a line to let me know what you’d like to see on the site. Be well.

Dr. Lisa


Simplicity. Honesty. Accessibility


PPH aims to reduce the impact of preventable chronic and infectious diseases through delivery of simple and useable health information.


Demystify , clarify and promote understanding and use of health information.


PPH is a health literacy organization promoting disease prevention through straight talk and storytelling. Health literacy is the understanding and use of health information. Despite the abundance of print, web and media-based health information, many people remain perplexed about what this information means or how to use it to eliminate preventable conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. PPH believes every person is capable of making and sustaining lifestyle changes that lead to better health. We recognize achieving a life free of disease and illness can be full of challenges. That’s why our mission is to ensure that access to practical, understandable and useable health information isn’t one of them.

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, MD, MPH is the managing and principal and owner of PPH, Inc. Dr. Lisa is a medical epidemiologist and received her public health training through the Epidemic Intelligence Service, aka the medical “CIA”, at the nation’s premier public health agency, the Centers for Disease and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a board-certified infectious diseases physician and professorial lecturer for the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

Dr. Lisa’s classroom is the world and she has traveled the globe learning about the intersection of public health, medicine and culture. Her experiences have taught her about the universal need for practical, simple and credible health information. Dr. Lisa’s vision to establish PPH emerged in 2005 after serving on a scientific panel for community members when a middle-age man walked up to her and asked, “How does someone like me access someone like you on a regular basis?” Because her professional restlessness relates to the disconnect between information abundance and ever-increasing rates of chronic diseases, Dr. Lisa is committed to ensuring anyone who wants and needs practical health information can have it.